"Meeting them in person, it’s clear they’ve worked hundreds of minor miracles. And so has Sean himself. Twelve years later, he is still living out his very full life, his winning personality proudly breaking through his severe physical and neurological disabilities. Everyday he continues to define himself: a fanatical Munster supporter; a serial visitor to Disneyland; his Gaelic Footballing sister’s biggest fan; and so much more."


Caring for a child with a long term condition can leave parents with a numerous questions that often do not have straight or simple answers. Depending on your child’s illness, their age and their life expectancy, the options and decisions to be made by parents and the child can vary hugely.

This sections of the website seeks to offer parents advice and information on caring for their child, it provides basic definitions on the different forms of care your child may receive and provides links to organisations that will be able help you with the care of your child

Forms of Care

Additional Resources

Help with care 
Here you will find links to national organisations who can help you by providing direct care services for your child.
 – Northern Ireland
 – Republic of Ireland

Financial Support
Here you will find links to gaining financial support, assistance and advice that the relevant departments in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland can offer.
 – Northern Ireland
 – Republic of Ireland

Support Groups 
The organisations in this section exist to help parents and children by providing information, advice and support. They also help parents meet other parents who have undergone or are currently have a child in palliative care.
 – Northern Ireland
 – Republic of Ireland