Below you will find links to resources that will help you find answer to many of the commonly asked questions about children’s palliative care and also definitions for terms used within children’s palliative care

Republic of Ireland

The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation

In dealing with your child’s illness, you may hear words or terms that are confusing. This webpage contains some helpful definitions for some of these words. 

Link: Words and Meaning

This page contains lots of information such as entitlements (Carer’s Allowance, Respite Care Grant, Long Term Illness Card etc), education and frequently asked questions including the role of Jack & Jill and how you can avail of their services

Link: Information for Families

Northern Ireland

Together for Short Lives – A Family Companion

This booklet from Together for Short Lives provides a wealth of information for familes in the UK.  It is designed especially for parents and family members of children and young people that have been diagnosed with life-limiting or life threatening conditions. At a time when things can seem overwhelming, this companion acts as a step by step guide through the complex and often confusing processes that take place following diagnosis. With interactive elements to help parents think important things through, as well as comprehensive lists of unfamiliar glossary terms and useful organisations, this companion explains what should happen, why it should happen as well as making it clear what support should be made available, and where that support can be found.

Link: A Family Companion